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Let’s go to the movies…. March 25, 2011

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Let’s go see the stars… in this case, Matt Damon in the “Inception-Lite” movie the Adjustment Bureau where basically the main character is trying to alter the planned course of his life while being chased by what looks like 1960’s ad men. They even have Roger Sterling from Mad Men in the movie. Too bad Don Draper wasn’t in it, I probably would have enjoyed it much much more…

The movie was ok, I just kind of felt that the ending was tacked on. I was expecting some giant reveal and got a “meh” instead. It was great to go out and see a movie though and nice that there were a bunch of other moms there with their babies and it was relatively quiet throughout the movie. I went with my friend Aline and her son Jakob who shares the same passion for everything pop culture that I do, so it was nice hanging out with a like-minded person and having an adult conversation. Jakob was so cute as well. He’s such a flirt. During the beginning of the movie, he’d reach over to touch me when he thought I wasn’t paying enough attention to him.

Henry did pretty well for his first movie. I had decided not to bring the car seat in and strapped him to me in the cuddle wrap carrier that Gillian lent me (it’s basically a really long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself a few times then plunk the baby inside). Henry did not like the transfer and I felt that maybe I should have brought the car seat in. Once inside the theater though he settled right down. I think the design of the Coliseum intrigued him since he kept looking around like “what is this place?”. He soon fell asleep and only woke up once during the movie to eat and then I had to walk him around a bit on the side of the theater to get him to fall back asleep, which he did within a few minutes. I’ll definitely be bringing him back soon.

The only remnants from Henry’s illness now is a bad diaper rash. Poor little guy. All I can do is keep putting thick cream on his bum and hope it goes away.

All tuckered out after his outing.

And now, since I used a few lyrics from the movie Annie in this post, I really want to watch it. Guess I know what I’m doing this morning…


One Response to “Let’s go to the movies….”

  1. Selena Says:

    If the zinc baed cream is not working try a thick coat of vaseline and then cornstarch on top. Don’t rub it on or anything just put the diaper right over it. It’s messy but when the zinc doesn’t work I have found this makes a huge difference.

    Good luck, let me know if it works!

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