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Let me tell you ’bout my best friend March 10, 2011

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Henry has a new favorite toy. Well it’s pretty much the only toy he’s reacted to so far since he’s still pretty young. Her name is Sophie and she’s a rubber giraffe.  We were lucky to receive Sophie as a gift. On the box it claims that Sophie will stimulate your child’s 5 senses of which I was a bit skeptic but I’m a convert now.

Henry’s still to young to actually play with Sophie but he loves to hold her in his rocking chair.  He rests his hand on her and kind of just grips her which is pretty neat to see. He’s lately been really exploring touch with his hands even though I don’t think he completely realizes just yet what his hands are. Aside from Sophie, he also like to rub his hands along our wood headboard when I go to burp him at night and yesterday he grabbed a giant clump of my hair and wouldn’t let go.  It’s so neat seeing these tiny little developmental progresses in your child. I also realize that this is probably not as interesting to others as it is to Chris and I but well, it’s my blog so there… 🙂

Also today Henry smiled at me directly for the first time. I was getting him ready for a feeding and he was wide awake and making his baby chatty noises and I was responding equally excited and he just gave this wide open mouth smile. It was amazing! I almost started crying on the spot just at this connection I’ve made with him. I’ll try and capture the smile on camera but it’s tough with the little guy, he can be a bit camera shy which doesn’t bode well for him given my picture a day project.

the picture's a little unclear since we were bouncing the chair to settle Henry down

These ears taste delicious!



5 Responses to “Let me tell you ’bout my best friend”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I have seen this Sophie before – interesting to hear about her!

  2. grand maman Says:

    WOW Melina il est de plus en plus éveiller, c’est incroyable comment ca va vite. Un mois déjà!

  3. Patti and I were looking at the same Sophie giraffe when we were shopping for gifts for Henry. Patti even commented on i how popular it seems to be.

  4. I’m glad he likes it (if you only go the one from us). It was the first toy that Kate really took a shining to too.

  5. Aline Says:

    Sophie is the best, Jakob still loves her at 10 months.

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