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We Be Jammin’ March 5, 2011

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Last night Chris and I made an interesting discovery. Henry was kind of freaking out after his bath and wouldn’t settle down enough to eat so I started singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” and he went instantly zen and started eating very calmly. He just stared up at me the whole time while I was singing, almost  like he was trying to memorize the lyrics and the melody. Chris started singing it with me and Henry settled even more. We wondered if it was any Bob Marley song or just that one so I started singing “Redemption Song” (not the happiest lyrics but the melody is nice). He loved it as well. We then pulled out the old itunes and played actual songs and he kept looking around trying to find the voice.

I shouldn’t be that surprised that he loves Marley, that makes 3 generations of Ward blood that love to chill out to his reggae sound. Can’t wait until he’s old enough to sing along with us!


Yesterday I put Henry on his quilt in hopes of encouraging him to lift his head. He did it a few times but got frustrated with it and then started trying to roll over instead. He got pretty far in his roll but his arm got in the way preventing him from completely rolling on his back. So glad I caught it on video which we’ll upload to Picassa.

Tummy time turned into roll time


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