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Photo Op March 4, 2011

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On Wednesday my mom and stepdad came over to look after Henry during a phone interview I was doing (and brought food, hurray!). The interview ended up being fairly quick and straightforward so with time to spare, my mom suggested we do a photo shoot of Henry and I since most pics I have are of Chris and Henry. So here are a few , I should have put some makeup on before the shoot since I have dark circles under my eyes but I figure that’s more of a “new mom look” than looking fresh and relaxed

"POP! POP!" as Magnitude from the show Community would say

Reading Henry's baby book

Chilling with Mom

A note, I would strongly recommend to anyone about to have a baby to get a glider chair. I practically live in ours (sitting in it now while typing). This one was a gift from my mom and stepdad. We got a higher end model since Chris and I are fairly tall and the cheaper ones seemed short-ish. This one is juuuust right. Henry just loves it as well. If he’s being fussy he’ll settle right down if we rock him in it.

We took a bunch more pictures but WordPress is being fussy itself today and is giving me a hard time when uploading pics. Chris will post them all on our Picassa link (which is now up for public viewing). There are also videos of Henry there, like the one of him lifting his head off the ground like Hercules. I was going to post some videos here but again, WordPress decided that if I want to post them, I need to pay them almost $60 a year to do it and Picassa lets us put them up for free, so the decision was fairly easy to make.

Finally, I got a lot of great advice after my last post, again from the lovely ladies whom I’ve been chatting with pretty much daily either via email, facebook or this blog. Thanks again ladies, you rock my world.


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