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Good good good, good vibrations February 24, 2011

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We may have found a solution to Henry having to be glued to one of us during the day. The greatest invention in the world: The VIBRATING ROCKING CHAIR! We put him in it yesterday evening and it quieted him down right away. I did it again today when he started wailing in his bassinet and it seems to be doing the trick. We have to kind of rock him a bit first until he falls asleep then the vibrations take over.Thanks to Amy and Kevin for this great chair.

Henry asleep and Atticus wondering why he can't be in the vibrating chair

I’ve also been trying to capture Henry smiling on camera but it’s damn near impossible. He smiles a lot in his sleep but by the time I press down on the camera button, it’s often changed to a passive sleeping baby face or sometimes even a frown. These are the best ones I could get:

this is his "were you taking pictures of me while I slept? I feel so violated!"

and finally his "well if you're going to take my picture, let me give you my good side. I call this one pensive man"

In other news, I’m in the final stages of a job competition that’s been ongoing since last April. Yes, I had time to go to Haiti and have a baby in the time it took to run a job competition. Anyways, it’s the interview stage now and because of this little guy, I can’t attend the physical interviews so HR has offered to schedule phone interviews with interested managers. I got a call a few minutes ago to schedule an interview for tomorrow and Henry started wailing. I didn’t want to necessarily reveal right away that I was on maternity leave but it looks like Henry has other plans. Thankfully Chris is still home tomorrow so I can do my phone interview at 11:15 while Chris takes care of  the little guy. I may try and feed him right beforehand though since I’d hate to have to interrupt a potential employer to say “sorry, can you wait a sec, I have to unclip my bra so I can breastfeed my baby”.


2 Responses to “Good good good, good vibrations”

  1. Grand-maman Says:

    Il te ressemble tellement. Je jurerais que c’est ton premier sourire à cet âge.

  2. Ian Says:

    Wow – the resemblance to BKW’s baby pics is striking. A pensive little fellah!

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