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Trial and Error February 22, 2011

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Henry had another bath last night. So far, most baths have been quite the trial. He would scream through the entire process from the second his little body touched the water as can be seen from the pics from his first bath:

not a happy camper

When we got home and decided to bathe him in his own little bathtub, it was the most stressful event I’ve ever been through. I was convinced our neighbor would call Children’s Aid or something from the intensity of his cries. After that dreadful bath, we decided to sponge bathe him instead. We soon found out that sponge baths have their own issues, such as the fact that you have to do it sans diaper, meaning whenever a good gust of wind would come by, Henry would just release his bladder resulting in Chris and I being covered in pee.

Taking some Facebook advice, we decided to try and bathe with him. The first time was a nightmare but last night something magical happened. Henry was put in the water and he just sat there contemplating the sensation of the water on his body. Chris and I both breathedĀ  a huge sigh of relief, not even realizing we were both holding our breath. Now the calm only lasted bout 5 minutes then he started crying but I feel we’re making progress on the whole bath issue. I’m hoping he learns to love it since I want to start swimming lessons with him in the spring.


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