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Henry’s Favourite Toy… February 21, 2011

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Well it’s not so much a toy as it is a painting. We have a painting that my mom made a few years ago that hangs in our living room. It’s abstract art which my mom says is a depiction of the Columbia space shuttle exploding (the one from 2003). Well Henry just loves staring at it. Whenever we’re in the living room his eye will veer towards the painting and he’ll get really quiet like he’s studying it and trying to figure it out. I think it helps also that the painting is on a red wall, so the red draws his eye, but the painting makes him linger.

Henry staring up at the painting after a feeding.

The painting in question

We had a fairly hectic weekend with lots of visitors on Sunday. My grandparents, my aunt Sylvie and uncle Pierre, our friends Nadia and Hugo (and they’re son Gabriel) as well as our friends Sandra and Doug. Chris’ family came over for dinner and made us some Indian food. Of course Henry slept through pretty much all the visits and woke up when they left and pretty much stayed awake until midnight. Then did two 4 hour stretches of sleep which was pretty nice. We then paid a visit to the RCMP today so Chris could introduce him to coworkers, where he slept again.

Just wanted to add this pic as well to show how much Ginger loves her little brother


2 Responses to “Henry’s Favourite Toy…”

  1. grand-maman Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWW trop cute. He is going to be an art lover or an artist just like grand-maman

  2. Caitlin Says:

    I love the picture of Henry absorbed in the picture! He is so expressive!
    Hopefully Brian and I can swing by sometime soon to meet the little man 🙂

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