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So Long Mr. Hyde February 15, 2011

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Henry granted us a reprieve last night. Chris and I got about 8 hours of sleep last night  with the following two caveats

1) this 8 hours was separated in 2-3 hours bouts, not all at once

2) We went to bed at 6:30pm and got up around 8:30am

He was just a perfect angel yesterday which makes me wonder what was wrong the night before.  I believe it may have been what I had eaten for dinner which was lasagna. I had it again yesterday morning to see if it was that and Henry was fussy all day so I’m cutting out lasagna for a while. Unfortunately lasagna is a multi-layer food so pinpointing the ingredient within that upset him is going to be tough. My guess is the onions that were in it. I know for certain it’s not the cheese since I’ve been eating quite a fair bit of it since giving birth and it doesn’t seem to bother him.

So yesterday was Valentine’s day. In pre-Henry days, Chris and I would sometimes go away for a weekend to a cheesy hotel or go to dinner at a fancy restaurant like Beckta’s

Last night instead we had a quick cheese fondue straight out of the warming pot with a baguette that we ripped with our hands while watching old episodes of ER on our laptop and hoping we’d have time to finish before Henry woke up from his nap. Then to top it off, we went to bed at 6:30pm. Chris had planned the fondue for Valentine’s day so even though we were both overwhelmed with lack of sleep and a fussy baby the night before, he took the time to highlight February 14th for me. What a sweety!

Speaking of sweety, how cute is this onesie?


3 Responses to “So Long Mr. Hyde”

  1. aislinn Says:

    i feel you on the food sensitivities 😦 isaac would freak out if i had anything too acidic, so it could be the tomato sauce too… just be thankful it isn’t milk, which both kids had for us. that sucks to cut out!!
    have you tried nursing lying down yet? i know it isn’t for everyone, but it can get you a few more winks on the really tough nights 🙂
    loving reading the updates, by the way! you guys are so doing a super job!!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    He is so adorable! I love his outfit, very fun.. he is turning into a stylish young man. Glad you two were still able to celebrate, nothing is better than fondue on baguette.. mmm..

  3. Aline Says:

    It could be the cheese in the lasagna. We had a couple of really rough nights with Jakob when he was a couple of weeks old. Same thing you described, feeding every hour or so, really unhappy. It was summer and I had been eating a lot of ice cream. Cut out all dairy for a couple of days, and started reintroducing stuff. All was fine as long as I didn’t have too many dairy products in one day.

    Loving your blog by the way. Just catching up now.

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