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From Bean to Sprout to Henry February 10, 2011

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Well, our little guy made quite the grand entrance on February 7th at 12:28pm. Let’s backtrack a little though…

On Sunday night Chris and I went to a Superbowl party at our friend’s Nadia and Hugo’s place where lots of spicy food was served, including our friend Doopah’s jalapeno corn dogs which were just delicious. Anyways, lots of joking was made that the food would send me into labor.

Around 12:30 am I was fast asleep then all of a sudden my water just broke. Want to get your husband to startle out of sleep, just say “I think my water broke”. Chris jumped up like 5 feet out of the bed. I wasn’t having any contractions or anything but we called the hospital and they told us to come in. While driving to the hospital, I had a few mild contractions but nothing really major. They checked me out at the hospital and monitored me for a while and told me everything was going well and that I was only 2cm dilated so I could choose to stay there or go back home and wait for the labor to progress a little more. I decided to come home (this was around 4 am). I kind of regretted my decision when we walked into the house since the contractions felt like they were getting much worse. Our poor dog Ginger would kind of hover around me nervously and when a contraction ended, she’d come and lick my face or nuzzle into my neck and Purrl kept rubbing her body against me, almost to comfort me.  Around 6:30 the contractions started coming along every 2-3 minutes so we decided to head back to the hospital and telling my mom to meet us there.

We got to the hospital and “checked in” around 7:15 and the nurse told me I was a “good” 3cm. I was kind of discouraged but the pain was so intense, I wasn’t going back home. I got into a hot tub right away since the epidural doc was only available at 9am. I don’t remember much until the epidural but I know when I came around 9am I was at 6 cm dilated and by the time I had finished getting the epidural and it was starting to settle in (around 10am) I was at 9.5 cm.  I came close to missing my window of opportunity for the epidural but by god I was grateful for it. Then another 30 minutes to get to 10cm. So all in all, active labour was about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Not too shabby but damn it was painful.

We then got to the pushing part which lasted about 45 minutes. One second he’s crowning, then the next the nurse is telling me not to push anymore since the doctor’s not in the room yet. I stopped pushing but that didn’t stop Henry from deciding now was a good time to come out. Again, I’m a little fuzzy on the details I just remember hearing the panicked tone of the nurse telling another nurse to get the doctor right away, then canceling that request and telling the other nurse “nope, he’s coming now, come over here quick” and he just kind of slid out. One minute nothing, the next, this tiny, crying little slimy baby is out and put on my stomach where he settled down right away. I look back up and then all of a sudden there’s like 6 people in the room running around trying to cut the cord, take care of the cord blood donation and deal with the placenta.  We jokingly said afterwards that Henry should get part of the OHIP billing for that delivery and share it with the nurse who caught him.

Anyways, this is getting somewhat long, spent two days recovering quickly in the hospital with great nurses who were life savers at some points. We’re home now and doing well, aside from the sleep deprivation that comes with the territory. We’d like to welcome anyone who wants to come visit to do so, however don’t book a time or a date, just give us a shout and we’ll see if it’s a good time then.

And here’s what you’ve all been really waiting for:

Our little man fast asleep

I love this little face he makes after feeding when burping him. He gets this distant "I'm so zen" look.

Henry and Ginger's first meeting

more pics available at the following site and here


2 Responses to “From Bean to Sprout to Henry”

  1. I’m so glad everything went well. It actually makes me a little sad seeing what we missed with Kate. I guess we’ll just have to hope for a do-over some day.

    I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of what happened in the delivery but then our doula visited two months later and gave us our birth story (which I thought was going to be super lame and didn’t want) and it was CRAZY how much I had forgotten about the whole thing.

  2. mom Says:

    What an amazing experience. Again thank you Melina and Chris for allowing me to share this very special moment. Melina, you amazed me with your inner strength and Chris with your support and determination. I’m also fuzzy on some of the details, but others are very clear to me, especially when Henry decided to make his appearance “sans medical assistance”, my blood pressure went sky high. I knew he was acomin and nothing was going to stop him.The nurses were a bit too far away by the door for my liking, anxiously awaiting the doctor, and our little guy was determined to enter the world on his own schedule. I thought for sure that Chris would have to catch him, but boy can those nurses move fast. She was there just in time. After that, I too get a little fuzzy on the details. Probably had to do with my blurry eyes…
    Something to think about Melina and Chris! Remember, the nurse did say that the next baby would take half the time!
    Anyways welcome mon beau petit Henry. Grand maman et grand papa love you dearly already.

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