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Escape from Cabin Fever February 5, 2011

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So I managed to run a few errands yesterday which was a nice way to get out of the house but realized in the afternoon that I should have accepted Pat’s (Chris’ mom) offer to go out for lunch since around 2-3 pm I started to feel the walls closing in around me. My mom called later in the afternoon and spoke to Chris while I was napping and suggested he take me to Winterlude, which is exactly what we did. I was so excited to go out, it was kind of sad.

We went to confederation park  to look at ice sculptures and also to watch sculptors competing in a weekend long contest. There was also a bit of a show in the middle of the park. Chris and I ate a very traditional Canadian meal. We split a poutine and a beavertail:

Honouring my French Canadian heritage...

Cinnamon and Sugar - instant classic

Funny thing about Beavertails, this was the first time I’ve eaten one. A long long time ago, while on the canal with my dad, I asked him what were beavertails and if I could have one. He jokingly told me they were made from real beaver tails and I quickly said I didn’t want it anymore. Well it never really crossed my mind to try it out afterwards, even though I realized fairly quickly that they were not in fact amputating beavers somewhere in the wild and that it was in fact a pastry. As the years went by, I just never really wanted one until last night. So here’s photographic proof that I’m finally a real Canadian:

The ice sculptures were pretty neat and the fire dancer was cool:

I always thought this coat hid my pregnant belly. Guess I was wrong.

Poncho the fire dancer from Mexico

Funky sculpture from Ottawa U.

Cool comet/meteor type sculpture

The theme of most of the sculptures seemed to be Ying and Yang


So that was a blast. Keeping myself busy today as well with various guests and going out tonight for Sri Lankan food for my friend Jen’s birthday.  Tomorrow if Mr. Bean doesn’t show up, we’re going to a Superbowl party and Monday I have lunch plans with Pat that should keep me fairly distracted.


One Response to “Escape from Cabin Fever”

  1. I still find it weird that you never had a beaver tail, but I’m glad you finally had one. They’re delicious, aren’t they?

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