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Little Man Knits (and one quilt) February 3, 2011

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I posted most of these on Facebook but for those who don’t have access, here’s a few knits I’ve made so far for Mr. Bean. I’m currently working on a 6-12 month cardigan for him as well but I find I’ve slowed down significantly in the knitting department.

Sirdar duffle coat

Preppy vest for those days at the yacht club

Emo sweater for those cold days when he just wants to kick back and listen to the Twilight soundtrack

Little soaker pants to go over cloth diapers

Coming home hat

There’s something so satisfying about knitting for a baby since you can work it up so quickly. I decided to not knit a baby blanket since I know myself and would probably give up halfway. So instead I made a baby quilt:

I used Michael Miller fabric which I absolutely loved. It was a combination of hedgehogs, owls, stripes and polka dots. Here’s a more upclose look:

And the backing of the quilt is a cute apple print:



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