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2 weeks left? January 30, 2011

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At my baby shower, I had predicted that Mr. Bean would arrive on January 28th. Well it’s the 30th now and he’s not here. I know I’m technically 2 weeks away from my due date but I was so convinced he’d be early that February 15th seems like an eternity away. And that’s if he’s on time!

I still have some projects I’d like to do, like do touch up paint jobs in the upstairs hallway and the upstairs bathroom and I could always knit some more. I’m just kind of getting antsy to meet this little guy. On the other side, I’m also nervous about having a baby around. Over the past few years I’ve selfishly come to love it being Chris and I and now I worry that I’ll never have me time again (again a bit selfish but I have to be honest about it right?).Ā  So I’ve got this dual struggle going on at this moment, one wanting Mr. Bean here and now and the other telling him to take his time. We’ll see who wins.

In other news, I got my hospital instructions. The doctor’s office gives you a package of information for what to expect at the hospital and what the rules are. Seems like rules have become a lot stricter in the past few years or maybe that’s always how it’s been at the queensway carleton.

Some rules:

1- for the labor and birth, you can have your partner there and one support person. I’ve asked my mom to be my doulah and she’s done about 7-8 months of research worth so I feel like I’m in good hands.

2- visiting hours are from 4 to 8 pm and seem to be limited to grandparents and siblings of the baby. I think this rule could be bended to include siblings of the parents as well since when I went to the hospital when I was 25 weeks there seemed to be large families just hanging around and I seriously doubt they were all siblings of the baby.

3- the packing list. You have to bring a lot of stuff to have a baby. Including sanitary napkins (for yourself) and diapers (for the baby). I feel like I pack less when I go on holidays. Chris and my mom have to pack stuff for themselves as well depending on how long it takes, like snacks, blankets, pillows etc. So far Mr. Bean and I are all packed. Can’t say the same for Chris. I think he’s convinced the baby will be late, just like he was.

4- when to come to the hospital. It’s like a science. Your contractions have to be 4 minutes apart, last for a minute and have had the same pattern for an hour. Then you call them and ask “can I come?”.Ā  That part makes me a bit nervous. If I take after my mom, labour will be long. If I take after my grandmother, it will be 3 1/2 hours total. We’ll see.

Those are the rules I can remember. The package is all the way upstairs and I don’t feel like going up there to look at it again šŸ™‚


3 Responses to “2 weeks left?”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Melina, I finished half my degree during my mat leave! Mr. Bean will change your lifestyle for sure, but there’s no reason you can’t have “me” time if you want it. šŸ™‚

  2. mom Says:

    I had a long delivery with you, probably due to the fact that my doctor was not on call and his replacement was like 90 gazillion years old, extremely old school, and actually fell asleep in the delivery room. With your sister it was about 4 hours. Also all of your aunts have had labors of about 4 hours or less. So you could be lucky. On the other hand Steph had a long labor with Logan. I guess it all depends on how fast Mr. Bean wants to make his grand entrance. Can’t wait, but the next full moon is on the 19th…

  3. I was two weeks early, so if we had had the millenium baby like we planned 11 years ago, the baby would be born by now. Of course, if we had had the millenium baby it definitely would have been born by now. An 11-year gestation period sounds pretty brutal.

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