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Nursery Set Up Part 2 January 27, 2011

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So we’re pretty much done the nursery. All that’s missing is hanging up the curtains I made. I underestimated the length of the window and bought a curtain rod about 2 inches too short.  So here are some more recent pics.

Crib view

The balloons are a cat deterrent that we read about. All it took was one balloon exploding for Atticus to decide he wasn’t going to try sleeping in the crib again. We got a ton of stuffed animals at our baby shower, combined with the ones we already had. Chris is really hoping Mr. Bean loves the ugly dog plush (the left one on the shelf) which he bought for Christmas.

Some of the Etsy art we bought

The momma bean and baby bean print were a gift from “santa” and come from twohappyapples and the remaining three prints are from barkingbirdart . There’s a large enough space next to the Bean art that once we decide on a name, I might make a giant fabric letter representing his first name.


A mix of old and new

More prints ordered off of Etsy. The Yogi Bear and Kermit were my own stuffed animals from when I was a kid.  Although you can’t really see it, next to Kermit is a makeshift aquarium lamp that was Chris’ grandmother’s. We figured it would make a neat nightlight.  On the shelf I put up the Sofie giraffe (more to keep away from Purrl who developed a liking for it). We also put up the 3 felt owls Chris’ sister Gillian made us for the baby shower as well as these tiny finger puppets we got for Christmas and a yellow wooden toy plane we bought in Poland.


closer look at the etsy art

The owls are from Lee Arthaus and the accordion bears are from iota illustration It was tough only buying one print from each.

We got the cute alphabet shelf from our friends Kevin and Amy (who also gave us a bajillion other things such as a swing, a vibrating chair, an exersaucer and some toys). I made the monkey laundry bag two years ago for my nephew Logan as a panicky last minute Christmas present. And of course there’s Purrl who actually tried to get into all the pictures I took. I managed to avoid her most of the time but she managed to slip into this one.

our stacked changing table

I’m going to replace the actual changing pad since it’s a tad thin and cracked. I really just wanted to show the cute fabric storage boxes I bought at the Solution store (the bottom shelf ones).


So yep, that’s the nursery. It was a lot of fun decorating it without spending too much money. The money we did spend was on wall art, storage boxes and fabric. Everything else was given to us for which we’re very thankful.



One Response to “Nursery Set Up Part 2”

  1. Mom Says:

    Awww your Kermy and Yogi Bear, so cute. Brings back so many memories. Hope Bean will love them as much as you did !

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