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Give me a head with hair January 25, 2011

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I’ve written about some annoyances regarding pregnancy but wanted to spend some time focusing on the neat bonuses. One being having awesome hair! When I got back from Haiti last May, my hair was a mess. It was completely fried and lackluster due to an intense combination of heat and pollution. It was so bad, I had my hairdresser cut it shoulder length and lots of short layers to add some volume to it.

Now almost 10 months later, it’s thick and shiny and resilient and is a bit longer than mid-back. It’s amazing how great your hair can look when your pregnant and you lose almost none of it (for which my cleaning lady must be grateful). Unfortunately I didn’t really take advantage of it given that I was often too tired to style it and ended up more often than not just putting it up in a ponytail.

Well I’ve read that my hair will most likely go back to being how it was before pregnancy and wanted to take this moment to really commemorate how great it’s been. I was going to write an ode to hair however realized that there already exists a great ode to hair and it also happens to be from one of my favorite movie musicals (thanks to my aunt Odette who introduced this to me years ago).

Sorry for the longish intro, it’s the best I could get. The song really picks up around 1:18 minutes.


and since I know Chris will probably read this, I figured, why not put his favorite song from the movie as well:

Great, now I just want to watch the entire movie…


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