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Winter Bean January 23, 2011

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So with Mr. Bean being born in winter (and it being so freaking cold lately), I decided I wanted to make something for him that will keep him warm especially for transportation. I also had some really pretty fabric that I’d been sitting on for a while and was dying to find some use for it. I browsed the internet for a while then remembered I had this great little sewing book by Amy Butler called “Little Stitches for Little Ones”. I’ve made quite a few of the projects from the book, including two quilts (one for Mr. Bean and one for his cousin Josie), a laundry bag for my nephew Logan and a mini plush cat for Josie as well.

Anyways, the first pattern is for a baby snugglie. It took me about a day to make which was great however the most frustrating part was at the very end and I almost chucked the whole thing. After having assembled it all (I made a heavier winter version by adding a layer of fusible fleece in the middle); the pattern then calls for making two 2″ buttonholes in the center of the snugglie which will hold the strap that ties everything together. My sewing machine decided to crap out on me when it came to buttonhole making. I have the feature to make them, however it refused to cooperate so I ended up making my own “ghettofied” button holes using a really tight zigzag stitch.

Here’s the finished product. Since we don’t have the baby yet, I used a stuffed toy lion to model how the snugglie works.


The back panel of the snugglie
The inside view of the snugglie. The top corner is a mini hood and the blue fabric is a a flanelette material
Our plush lion modeling how the snugglie works. Step 1, put the baby’s head in the hood
Step 2 – Fold bottom corner over baby’s leggs up to stomach
Step 3 – Fold one side over baby’s belly and tuck under the baby, then fold the other side over the same way. Tie the strap over baby’s belly.
Step – Hold baby 🙂
a closer peek

So that’s the baby snugglie. It’s made for 0-3 months so I’m hoping it will last for the remaining cold months.


One Response to “Winter Bean”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    That is too cute.. Chris looks overjoyed to be holding his new baby lion.

    Am I the only one that thought of D*ck in a box?
    Step 1.. put the baby in the snuggie..
    Step 2..

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