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Date Night January 22, 2011

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Last night Chris and I decided to go out on a “pre-baby” date night. A lot of people encouraged us to do this so we thought why not. We’re usually fairly busy on weekends making plans with other people, going out, etc however when it comes to just the two of us doing something, we’re kind of cheap homebodies, so our one on one date nights usually involve us ordering pizza or chinese food and watching tv or a movie at home.

This time however we decided to go all out and went for dinner at the Chateau Laurier and then check out the symphony at the NAC… Actually, nah, we decided we were going to go to Jack Astors for dinner in Kanata Centrum then go see Black Swan at the AMC theater.  We decided to go eat around 5pm since I can’t stay up too late anymore for the 9-10 pm movie showings. Well we get to Centrum and it’s packed. Like bumper to bumper traffic. By then I had my heart set on having Jack Astor’s signature garlic bread so come hell or high water I was getting some. My heart kind of sunk when I saw a Ottawa Sens jersey on someone walking nearby and asked Chris “is it a game night tonight?”

**Caveat: On game nights, Kanata Centrum comes to a standstill as a bunch of hockey fans take over and try and grab a quick bite before game time, so  around pm**

Chris not being a big hockey follower just kind of shrugged his shoulders. Then to my dismay, I saw someone else wearing a Montreal Canadian’s jersey and said “crap…”  Not only was it a game night, it was Sens vs Habs, meaning all the restaurants would be packed with hockey fans and wait times would take forever. We were lucky enough to only have to wait 25 minutes for a seat at Jack Astor’s but you could tell that the waiters had simple instructions that night “get everyone in and out as quickly as possible”.  So our date dinner, which should have lasted at least an hour was over and done with within 30 minutes.  Oh well, at least I got my delicious garlic bread.


Towards the end of dinner though my cold was starting to act up again and I kept sneezing so I wasn’t as  enthusiastic about going to see the movie as I originally was. So I kind of asked Chris if he minded if we went home after dinner and he kind of gave me a “I knew you were going to do that” smirk. So we didn’t go to the movie but instead swung by the pharmacy around 6:30 and bought a bunch of 3-ply kleenex and a humidifier (and some chocolate!) and came back home and watched the BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes series instead (which is excellent).

Although the date night didn’t turn out exactly as planned, it was still a good time and more than we usually do, so I enjoyed myself.


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