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Nursery set up part 1 January 19, 2011

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Chris and I both decided not to repaint the baby’s room. It was already apple green and we figured we’d probably have to repaint it in a few years when Mr. Bean decides he doesn’t like the original colour so why change it now? Anyways, we already had the colour on the walls, the dresser and the wardrobe. We got the crib from my mom and the change table was picked up by my brother in-law who’s neighbour was just giving it away.

Anyways, thought I’d show you the set up part of the nursery.

Chris trying to figure out how to put together the crib

Purrl keeping tabs on Chris while lounging on the crib box.

Atticus checking out the progress

More of Chris putting stuff together. I was more of a bystander in the entire process

the finished set up.

It actually already looks pretty different from this last pic. We put up some art on the walls and I’ve added some little decor elements here and there. I guess you’ll have to wait for part 2 to see it.


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