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The other members of our family… January 18, 2011

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In case you thought it was just Chris, Mr. Bean and I, I wanted to introduce you to the other members of our family.


Mr. Bean’s mom and dad in Germany
our goofy girl Ginger
our practically perfect Purrl
and last but not least, our always aloof Atticus (except at night when he insists on spooning with Chris)

So that’s the family so far. They all seem excited about the new arrival. Atticus will sleep next to my stomach and purr loudly which spurs Mr. Bean into kicking which makes Atticus purr louder. Purrl will often try and massage my stomach and loves it when she gets a kick from Mr. Bean as a reply. And Ginger has taken to following me around everywhere and will often lick my stomach when she has access to it.


4 Responses to “The other members of our family…”

  1. Did you put the cats in a ‘how to be a big brother/ sister’ course? I think they’re going to need it.

  2. Grandad Ward Says:

    Pretty darn cool I must say. Hey what about dinner next weekend are we on

  3. Oh Atticus! He’s always a pleasure to be around!

  4. Meller Says:

    This is great! We’ll have to find a way to print this blog out and create a scrapbook of all the events that happened so that bean can look at it someday! xoxo

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