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Well, here it is… January 18, 2011

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As promised, I’ve created a blog to ensure I keep in touch with all of you while on maternity leave. I can’t believe we’re already at this junction! Here’s a recap of the past 9 months…

After spending a month working in Haiti at the Canadian Embassy in April 2010, I came home with all these future plans of travel and adventure. Two weeks later, I was pregnant. Quite the shocker for my husband and I. I guess it’s true, absence makes uterus more hospitable…

I spent the first trimester trying to keep the pregnancy under wrap which was pretty difficult given the level of nausea I had. Kind of hard to pretend you have food poisoning EVERY DAY. Also difficult was that the first trimester was during the summer. A time when I usually partake in a few beers on the weekend. Poor Chris (that’s my hubby!) felt the need to drink, and drink fast, every time we went out to make it look like I was the designated driver.

After 16 weeks of praying to the porcelain gods, the morning sickness just disappeared. THANK GOD! At 18 weeks we went for an ultrasound and found out we were having a boy. It took a while to find out since he kept his hands clamped tightly over his genitals. The technician had to jiggle my stomach until he let go. I should of known by then that only a boy would hang on for dear life like that. Once we found out we were having a boy, he was officially dubbed “MR. BEAN”.

Isnt' he handsome?


Mr. Bean quickly showed how active he could be by kicking and spinning like crazy. I was told he’d slow down by now (at 36 weeks) but he’s still going strong.

So between 18 weeks and today (36 weeks) we traveled to Poland and Germany for a few weeks, spent a great Christmas with family and friends and had an awesome baby shower just last weekend. Now with a month to go and not having to be at work, I’m trying to finalize a few things in the house, like getting it organized and clean. I also want to sew some baby gear such as fitted sheets, changing pad sheets, a pouch sling. Oh and I can’t forget the knitting. I’ve made a few outfits for him already but would like to make a few more. Here’s hoping I can get it all done before he arrives.




2 Responses to “Well, here it is…”

  1. Gillian Says:

    You will never, ever get it ALL done again. That’s the definition of parenthood as I understand it anyways. 🙂

    Looking forward to all your posts!


  2. Melanie Chapman Says:

    Nice blog!

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